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Developing with ReactJS

Web Design Preston

When the situation has been right for the client over the last 18 months we've used ReactJS, Facebook's framework for creating user interface/user experience framework and it's mostly been a pleasure - I say mostly because there are occasions and certain use cases which can make the 'React' way of developing a little frustrating.

It lends itself well to single page webApps and landing pages, occasions when lightweight, fast and interactive pages are a necessity, but React isn't a complete web solution as some people envision - if you need to draw on data, you will still need a backend solution to connect with.

The Redux framework can be extremely helpful in managing state across large JavaScript apps. However it's important to remember to only add these large frameworks when absolutely necessary, because although linking Redux up for state-management can seem like the quick and easy option sometimes, one has to remember the extra overhead that comes with it - and extra overhead means slow applications. This is not good, not good at all - especially in a world where many of your users may be trying to access your content on mobile devices with much less memory and processing power than your typical laptop.

MoovaShaka always have in mind minimal overhead, and rather than drag in an overly complex library we will, where practical, develop smaller neater components from scratch to keep the users experience at the forefront of our development work. Keeping your app accessible to all is our priority. Get in touch if you need a rapid, responsive, flexible mobile first Web Design or Web App Development