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JAMstack CMS

Web Design Preston

A new wave of content managed sites are on their way, no longer needing to rely on a remote database to store content - and this means fast, rapid fast content loading unlike the traditional bloated content managers, where clicking to see a new post means a wait. Sometimes - a - very - long - wait, OK that's a huge exageration, but in a world where we are used to things happening extremely quickly a few milliseconds can seem an eternity, and let's face it customers won't wait!

So, the blog post you are reading now is pre-rendered into a single-page app having been pulled down from the markup - you will have noticed how quickly it loads - it feels virtually instant - or it should do! The picture that goes with this post is the admin interface from the previous post on this blog, it really is straightforward to use for techies and non-techies alike, and given a little time this type of content management will surely replace all the outdated -- and SLOW -- content management systems out there.

Get in touch via our contact page if you wish top explore the exciting new world of contant manangement systems.