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Facebook’s ReactJS User Interface (UI) library has become our goto library for the clarity of purpose it gives to the UI. Re-usable components and the capability to track state from start to finish can make it a joy to code.

But (there’s always a but isn’t there!), whilst most of React is intuitive and the code relatively easy to follow, when it comes to something which is usually fairly straightforward (such as a validating contact form), React can be a little bit clunky and difficult bash into shape.

At MoovaShaka we scratched heads – sometimes even our own and stroked beards for many a long hour trying to resolve the intricate mysteries of the inner workings of the normally pretty and intuitive Reactjs library.

We delved into the many sub libraries, such as Redux to see if they held the answer – they can indeed – but at a cost. That cost is the extra kilobytes needed to load the whole Redux library prior to implementing the solution. We don’t like extra, bulky uneccessary bloat in our code here at MoovaShaka, so a svelte lightweight & elegant solution had to be found.

We succeeded, naturally, you would most definitely not be expecting the lads and lasses to do anything but and now we are ready to help you implement your contact, login or otherwisely validating page.

Get in touch for all your Web Design and App Development needs, we have the enthusiasm to power your progress, because we never forget it's about you and your clients.