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Web Design or Development?

Web Design Preston

The terminology is confusing, but then technology always has been - it's an ever moving feast of new ideas, new processes, new thoughts and innovations. But the principles still remain - basically, essentially - unaltered.

Just as when Johannes Gutenberg invented the moveable-type printing press, adapted from wooden block printing which had existed since the Tang dynasty (circa: 700 CE), the need to communicate, and the means by which we communicate is ever changing.

Like the printing press in it's heyday, the Internet has revolutionised the way in which human beings transfer ideas to each other, and brought with it a broad spectrum of choice. In fact in can be a bewildering spectrum of choice, when all you want is to get your message across to customers old and new, fans or those deciding whether they should follow you.

So lets keep it simple, at MoovaShaka we don't really care if you refer to us as Web Designers, App Developers or User Experience creators - just sleep well knowing that when you trust the online side to us, you're in good hands, we will select the best tools for the job and help you maximise your return on investment.